Many colleagues have contributed to the development of the Medical Language Processor (MLP) and the work on English Natural Language Processing (NLP) that preceded it. It is not possible to acknowledge them all, but some (in alphabetical order) are: Barbara Anderson, Jeff Bary, Beatrice Bookchin, Shiun Chen, Emile Chi, Pascale Claris, Judith Clifford, Eileen Fitzpatrick, Carol Foster, Carol Friedman, Daniel B. Gordon, Ralph Grishman, Lynette Hirschman, Stephen Johnson, Michiko Kosaka, Joyce London, Catherine MacLeod, Elaine Marsh, James Morris, Neal Oliver, Morris Salkoff, Richard Schoen, Guy Story, Carolyn White, Susanne Wolff, and Su Yun.

The medical component of the system owes much to the work of Dr. Margaret Lyman and Dr. Leo J. Tick from the NYU Medical Center. Dr. Lyman, in addition to her clinical practice, worked undauntedly from 1977 until her death in 2000 to bring narrative patient information into the computer medical record, using NLP technology.

The Structured Health Markup Language (SHML) is majorly the work of Dr. David Rothwell, Dr. Richard Wheeler, and Dr Ngô Thanh Nhàn. Its integration into the MLP is also the work of Nancy Wheeler, Ronald Tarrant and Jorge Roccatagliata.