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Homework 1A — Parsing with eg1A and wd1A
  1. Read How to Parse.
    Read the Restriction Language Language Manual, Chapters 1-4 (pp. 1-35).

  2. Do the parse run for Lesson 1A as directed.

  3. Compare the BNF trace in the output file sents1.log with the BNF definitions in eg1A.txt. You should see how the BNF definitions of the grammar drive the parser. The parser is of the type "syntax driven", i.e. starting with the root node SENTENCE it tries to build a SENTENCE parse tree whose terminal nodes match the categories (parts of speech) of the successive sentence words.

  4. Which of the sentences in sents1.ocf are linguistically well- formed, i.e. grammatical. For those that are not grammatical, what is wrong? Subsequent grammars will reject such sentences.