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Testing eg2C and wd2C — LN, Adverbs

Read Document 2X, and Document 2C.

  1. Follow the test procedure outlined in previous assignments and provide a comparable report of results. Several sentences receive a (first) parse which does not reflect the intended meaning. What is wrong?

    To parse, use the command file


    in this directory, class2C. It calls upon the grammar eg2C.obg and its symbol table eg2C.sym; the dictionary wd2C.wdo; and the file of parser directives parse.inp.

    Test sentences are in sents2C.ocf. Edit the file of input directives, parse.inp, as you wish. To parse the sentences in sents2C.ocf, type the command

    parse sents2C

    and return.

  2. Make up a few new sentences to test eg2C, using the words in wd2C.src. Run a parse job. Report and discuss results.

    Note: When you create a file of sentences to be parsed, each sentence must be preceded by an SID line of the same form as above. The final period must be preceded by a space. The file name must end with the extension ".ocf", e.g. test.ocf.

  3. Parse tower.ocf (the goal of level 2 lessons) and citique the output.